Posted on 2020.05.15.

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Budapest - Vienna Bus Tour
just 2,5 h. in both direction

We know what matters. We know that sometimes your holiday is planned long ahead, but sometimes it is not due to your business. But still, it is the time you want to enjoy. You can enjoy alone or with a local person helping you getting a real insight into different cultures. Such a local experience as a part of your travelling can make a difference and we honestly believe it is irreplaceable. Book an unforgettable private transfer with Get Bus Tour.

Comfortable travel between Budapest & Vienna

The time and comfort make a difference. Our local driver picks you up at the agreed time and at the agreed place and drives you safely to your destination in Budapest or Vienna. You can avoid finding cabs, taking care of your luggage, waiting at trains stations or security lines. What more, you can make most of the day by touring the castles, abbeys or towns along the way that would be missed otherwise. We are very experienced and we drive this route very often between Vienna and Budapest (in both direction).
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